Aspiring screenwriter, Marla Thomason, made an announcement on Facebook stating that she will be working on her screenplay tonight. Despite her previous proclamations that she would work on it last week, and several times before that, this time it is for real happening. “I have yoga class after work, then I have to go to Trader Joe’s and if I’m not too tired after that I’ll head over to Starbucks to work on my screenplay.” She reassured herself that if she can’t make it tonight, she’ll definitely do it tomorrow.

Thomason’s status included an invitation for other writer friends to join and “bounce ideas off each other.” Close friend, Liselle Cruz, rolled her eyes at Thomason’s open declaration on the social media site. “Every time she does this she gets a bunch of likes and that’s enough of a pat on the back to not do what she said she was gonna do.” Cruz has accompanied Thomason several times to Starbucks to work on their respective projects but said Thomason only distracted her from her space opera pilot. “I actually do better sticking to my regular schedule at home without Marla’s constant questions about script formatting. It’s like, use Celtx already.”

Thomason has been a self-described “writer” in life and on all her dating profiles since she moved to LA six years ago. While she hasn’t completed a screenplay yet, she knows deep down that this is her true calling. Thomason has been mulling over an idea for a high concept female-driven action movie that she knows will be her ticket to getting into the biz. “None of my previous projects really inspired me, so I’d just stop half-way and move onto another idea,” Thomason says. Her best attempt at a pun cannot be found in one of her scripts but in her pet cat, Paul McCatney, who currently keeps her pile of forgotten scripts warm. Thomason encourages readers to follow her cat’s instagram account @mccatneysings, which she spends most of her free time updating instead of writing. But she’s pretty sure that once she starts writing tonight (or maybe tomorrow–she’s got a pretty stacked day now that she thinks about it) this’ll be the one that propels her career.

Thomason was contacted for an update on her progress a couple weeks later. She said she scrapped the feature and is excited to soon give her attention to writing a pilot about a husband-wife detective duo.