A well known film actress has just sold her Hollywood Hills home to musician for the hefty sum of $9.5 million, roughly $9 million more than the price of the average home in Los Angeles.

On the 1 acre property sits an unnecessarily gaudy Mediterranean villa. The home features a foyer with a cascading staircase and a second cascading staircase for redundancy. The property also houses a 900 square foot gym, that the previous owner never went to once.

The 6 bedroom home has 10 bathrooms, perfect for when ten people simultaneously have to go to the bathroom.

There’s also a grand dining room, a fully equipped chef’s grade kitchen, a wine cellar, and an 8 car garage, which is more than most restaurants in Los Angeles have.

Film actress is moving to a more expensive home so she can feel more powerful.

Musician is a vocalist with a pop band that tours frequently. He’ll be in his $9.5 million home three months of the year.

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