Music star Kesha announced over Twitter that a State Supreme Court judge refused to let her walk away from a six-album deal with Sony — even though she is required to record in an eight foot metal cage with a northwestern timber wolf.

Kesha Sebert has been attempting to get out of the contract claiming that she was tormented, attacked and lacerated while in the process of recording 2010’s platinum album Animal. In a statement read by her attorney Mark Geragos, “It’s a regretful decision, and shows the lack of compassion of Sony Music. My client was a young, impressionable artist when she signed her original contract that forces her to collaborate with an apex predator.”

The “Tik Tok” star broke into tears as she explained, “All I ever wanted was to be able to make music without being mauled by a horrific killing machine.”

Representatives from Sony have been adamant that they will try to assist the artist in anyway and that Kesha would be able to have choice of any other wolf on their roster. But Kesha is concerned that Sony would fail to market any further albums after such a public trial, and also she might be eaten. A lawyer for the defence told reporters, “Sony is doing everything in its power to support the artist in these circumstances, but we’re legally unable to terminate the contract despite the Timberwolf’s repeated violent attacks.” When reached for comment, the wolf gnarled its teeth and then continued chewing the remaining meat off of a femur.

The case has proven controversial among experts. Michael Firtzer, a professor of Entertainment Law at UCLA said, “The judge made the decision in favor of Sony since the label proved that they have invested heavily in Kesha’s career and in cage upkeep.” Fitzer further explained “Sadly this wolf clause is an industry standard and pretty iron clad. My best advice for her would be to not make direct eye contact and to make sure to avoid any sudden movements.”

After the announcement there has been an outpour of support in social media for Kesha. To help Kesha through this process, fellow musician Demi Lovato has donated a tranquilizer rifle.