A Bel-Air teen was forced to take an Uber Black to Trousdale after an officer acting like “a total dick” towed her car.

“Chanel Chantal”, who requested to be called “The Victim” parked her car on the side of West 3rd Street before she was towed. “I went into Magnolia to get a Blueberry Jamboree for like ten minutes and then had an aromatherapy facial at Skin Sense for maybe fifteen. Probably like an hour or two tops,” said Chantal as she texted her father, a director of over fifteen Veronica Mars episodes. “When I came out my car was on the back of the bed and the tow truck guy was on a power trip, like a total dick. He kept saying I couldn’t park there but I was like, clearly my Mercedes fit.”

Chantal, who was visibly shaken following the tow, states that she isn’t concerned about paying for her car because her father could easily make more money for her if she needed it. Instead, she is worried that there is a larger social issue at hand. “This is another example of the upper-class being abused by tow truck companies,” she cried.

Later that day, owner of Terry’s Tow Truck Company, Terry Henderson, was reached to comment on Chantal’s accusations of biasness. “I found her at Skin Sense and told her she had been parked in front of a fire hydrant for three hours. She just threw her keys at me and asked for a valet number,” Henderson explained.

Although there was no fire, an ambulance was called to West 3rd Street when an elderly man went into cardiac arrest. As there was no parking, the paramedics were forced to block the busy street in an attempt to resuscitate the man. At press time, Chantal couldn’t believe all this stupid traffic caused by the carelessly parked ambulance.