Finding the best tacos is hard, as it requires you to explore a lot of options. I put together a list of the Best Tacos in Los Angeles, and let me tell you, I fear the unknown, so I eat a lot of Chipotle.

21. Chipotle – Koreatown

Photo courtesy of Theron B. via Yelp
This Chipotle has the worst tacos of all the Chipotles in Los Angeles. Still, I haven’t eaten at a place that can beat it..

20. Chipotle – Panorama City

Photo courtesy of Vanessa C. via Yelp.
This Chipotle is so deep in the valley, I almost excluded it from the list. But man, these Chipotle tacos are too good to exclude from any list of great tacos I’ve had.

19. Chipotle – Van Nuys

Photo courtesy of Jason K. via Yelp.
This Chipotle edges out some of the other Chipotles for one reason: pico de gallo. The Van Nuys Chipotle pico de gallo is so on point with it’s salty water taste, it gets the 19 position on this list.

18. Chipotle – Monterey Park

Photo courtesy of Miguel E. via Yelp.
This Chipotle makes the list almost entirely due to it’s environment. The cold steel tables remind you of a doctors office, and the extra hard chairs make your ass go numb with anticipation of those sweet tacos.

17. Chipotle – Larchmont

Photo courtesy of Peerawich H. via Yelp.

This Chipotle in the hip Larchmont area uses farm to table ingredients that are sure to make your tacos stand out from every other Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles.

16. Chipotle – Brentwood

Photo courtesy of HC C. via Yelp.

These authentic tacos from Chipotle give you a sense of the traditional flavors custom to the other side of the 405.

15. Chipotle – Glendale

Photo courtesy of Michael L. via Yelp.

I’d rather drive to Glendale for Chipotle than try something new.

14. Chipotle – Fairfax

Photo courtesy of Jason L. via Yelp.

For taco lovers who like options, Chipotle offers hard tacos, soft flour tacos, and soft corn tacos.

13. Chipotle – Mid-Wilshire

Photo courtesy of Brian I. via Yelp.

Parking here is a nightmare for lunch, but a nightmare I would gladly have over and over again for the same tacos I’ve grown to endure.

12. Chipotle – Mid-City

Photo courtesy of gerry p. via Yelp.

Chipotle pioneered tacos filled with sofritas. Do Mexican restaurants that aren’t Chipotle offer a tofu hodgepodge? I don’t know. That’s why Chipotle gets every spot on this list.

11. Chipotle – Downtown

Photo courtesy of Winnie L. via Yelp.

Wash down your lavish tacos with a top shelf Sauza margarita.

10. Chipotle – Studio City

Photo courtesy of Joy B. via Yelp.

You’ll often find high-powered studio executives dining at this pervasive taco joint.

9. Chipotle – Exposition Park

Photo courtesy of Patty S. via Yelp.

This Chipotle serves their tacos wrapped in tin foil to keep them piping room-temperature.

8. Chipotle – Beverly Grove

Photo courtesy of Winnie L. via Yelp.

Like all the best tacos, these tacos are available to order through an app.

7. Chipotle – Farmers Market at The Grove

Photo courtesy of Celeste W. via Yelp.

Like everything and everyone at The Grove, this Chipotle knows it’s a cut above the rest.

6. Chipotle – Hollywood, Vine

Photo courtesy of Jennifer M. via Yelp.

It’s passé to mention celebrity sightings in Los Angeles, but I’ve seen quite a few world-available tacos go into famous mouths here.

5. Chipotle – Beverly Hills

Photo courtesy of Felicia C. via Yelp.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the beans spilling all over the counter in this picture says, “assembly line tacos” 333.333 times.

4. Chipotle – Westwood, UCLA

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline R. via Yelp.

The secret of the Bruins is out. This Chipotle is the favorite taco joint of UCLA college students and taco connoisseurs alike.

3. Chipotle – Pasadena

Photo courtesy of Chhaya N. via Yelp.

Chipotle was recently linked to an E. coli outbreak but, I’d rather suffer through diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever than try something else.

2. Chipotle – Hollywood, Sunset

Photo courtesy of F Marc M. via Yelp.

This classic Chipotle in the heart of Los Angeles will remind you why you moved to LA, to follow your dreams of eating the best tacos in the world as you never eat any other Mexican food than Chipotle.

1. Chipotle – Burbank

Photo courtesy of Bernadette A. via Yelp.

The Chipotle in Burbank has the Best Tacos in Los Angeles. If you have family coming from out of town, and want to show them with the Los Angeles culinary scene is like, this is the Chipotle to take them to.

So there you have it, the Best Tacos in Los Angeles. Tell us your favorite Chipotle in the comments.