Non-screenwriter Justin Kent has reportedly been quietly getting work done on his laptop at the Riverside Starbucks, upsetting locals who are trying to get attention for writing their screenplay.

Area man Justin Kent has reportedly had quite the production afternoon, working on his laptop at the Riverside Starbucks. His obvious productivity, and the fact that he has yet to start pretending to work on a single unfinished screenplay, has earned him the ire of the management and his fellow customers.

“It’s unsettling”, says Brianna Roth, assistant manager at the Starbucks in question. “When people come in here with a laptop, you always know they’re just begging for you to ask about their script. I’ve seen more half-written ‘Die-Hard meets Star Trek” pitches pass through this place than iced lattes”.

Sources on site report that Kent has done little but sip from his Americano with milk and work on a complicated-looking excel spreadsheet. “I’m actually starting to get the impression that guy doesn’t even want to talk about what he’s working on; he just wants to work and be left alone.” Roth says. “That’s totally crazy.”

“He hasn’t even checked Twitter” Jacob Young, an aspiring writer and frequent patron of the establishment, grumbles over his MacBook Pro. “Like, I do plenty of other stuff when I’m here, but it’s all just procrastination. No one brings their computers in here to do actual work”.

When approached by a concerned barista, Kent offered a curt response and asked to be left alone while he finished his work. The barista, clearly not used to a customer not wanting to describe the brilliance of their new script, sauntered back to the bar to join his co-workers in silent judgment.

“He didn’t even stand up when Chuck Lorre’s dog walker came in for coffee,” Roth explains. “Everyone else scatters to pitch their Mom spec ideas whenever he comes in. This guy? Didn’t even look up. I don’t know what is deal is”.

“I’m an accountant”, Kent stated, when confronted about his unusual behavior. “I like to come here sometimes to work through my spreadsheets. I don’t get what’s so odd about that.”

The reaction from the rest of the customers after Kent finally left indicates that much is odd about that. “The guy doesn’t have one inkling of an idea he wants to turn into a screenplay?” Young exclaims. “Why come here, then? Who brings their computer to a coffee shop to do actual work?”